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The VFW Veterans Village is dedicated to providing a true home-like atmosphere to Veterans and their spouses.  Our guiding principle is to provide affordable, independent living accommodations to members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, their spouses as well as to members of the  VFW Auxiliary and their spouses.

To qualify to live at the the VFW Veterans Village one must be a veteran who served in combat (proof of overseas service stated on your DD-214) and or is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, a spouse of a qualified veterans and men and women who qualify for membership in a VFW Auxiliary.

The VFW Veterans Village, located in Fort McCoy, Florida is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit veterans organization and is owned and operated by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Florida located in Ocala.  It is the only facility of its kind anywhere in the world!  The VFW Veterans Village is not subsidized by any governmental, federal, state or local agencies.  Cost of operations is met by rent income; an estimated revenue of 5% received in donations and another estimated 5% in fundraisers.

The doors to the VFW Veterans Village opened  October of 1991, is spread out over 42 acres, and rests among tranquil oaks and palms towering with age and dignity, just like our veterans residing there.

Early on the then 34 rooms were rented and life at the VFW Veterans Village continued to grow. Due to a high demand for independent living accommodations for veterans, in March 2006 we opened a second addition of 19 rooms. The VFW Veterans Village maintains a self-contained fresh water plant and waste system.  The VFW Village is supported by auxiliary power generators that sustain the Village during outages.

In March 2006, the VFW Veterans Village opened a new covered pavilion utilized for sponsored and/or hosted events, community programs and fundraisers, including Easter Sunrise Service, Annual Country BBQ Picnic, Veterans National Honor Society Pow Wow, Armed Forces Weekend Patriotic “Concert in the Forest”, Bluegrass Fest, September 9-11 Remembrance Tribute, Veterans Day programs, Christmas in Ft. McCoy, flea markets and more. We anticipate many new events, functions, as well as opportunities for the public to utilize the new pavilion for holiday gatherings, music concerts, weddings, graduations, expos, family reunions, picnics and more.

On October 1, 2008, LTC Alcides Lugo, JR., Army (ret) became the Village’s new Director.  Within a few months various renovations, along with improvements came to fruition and the Village received many cosmetic and functional repairs inside the facility and throughout the grounds.

We continue to strive to become an integral part of the community by being proactive in searching for partnerships. It is a most challenging and rewarding stewardship, that of helping your neighbor as you help those you are ordained to serve, the members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and their dependents.


To learn more about the “Village” please call us at 352-236-0823 or visit us at 13005 N.E. 135th Street, Fort McCoy, FL, 32134.

webmaster: Rod Phillips

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