Please make sure to thank them for stepping up to represent us

                                                    Post 3282 Auxiliary


               Officers  2019 - 2020

                                              President:                         Valinda Mook

                                              Sr. Vice President:            Debra Gates

                                             Jr. Vice President:             Linda Feister

                                             Secretary:                          Eileen Adams

                                             Treasurer:                          Nancy Stephens

                                             Chaplain:                           Jackie Lee

                                             Patriotic Instructor:         Juanita Lewis

                                             Conductress:                     Joyce Yungk

                                             Guard:                               Mary Wood

                                             Historian:                          Dawn Marie Walker

                                             Trustee-1 year:                 Jane Lilyander

                                             Trustee-2 year:                 Vonnie Bailey Fisher

                                             Trustee-3 year:                 Martha Rosa

                  For Membership Information Contact:

                Marilyn Thibodeau: 386-756-7694